The reviewed product has come from the past and was made at Czechoslovakia steel facilities that are mostly closed down nowadays. In that socialistic era the Czech steel was worldwide known as a high quality product and, undoubtedly, the microdrills belong to these high quality steel products. Their extended flute is the most important part since it allows gripping the microdrills into fine pine vices (e.g. Tamiya), which can be handled manually. A modeler is, therefore, enabled to keep better control when using them by hand as some micro drills are brittle a bit, especially the smallest diameter ones. You can also use them manually whet putting into a plastic cap of injection needle. Applying superglue around the flute fastens the drill inside the cap; then take the cap between your thumb and forefinger and you can start drilling. Using electric-powered drills is not much recommended for working with the smallest diameters because it is very hard to hold this tool in hand without shaking and breaking the thin effective flute off. 


The micro drills can be used for drilling out holes for antenna wires, biplanes wiring catching points, holes for gun barrels or exhaust outtakes; also rivets can be represented on repaired areas where putty and sanding was needed and rivets disappeared.


We are offering either piece-by-piece microdrills in any amount from each

of these effective flute diameters:

0,14 mm

0,24 mm

0,37 mm

0,44 mm

0,45 mm

0,52 mm

0,54 mm

0,64 mm

0,76 mm

0,86 mm

 or in sets while each set contains four microdrills of these diameters:

Basic set: 0,24 – 0,37 – 0,45 -  0,52 mm

 Set #1:      0,14 – 0,24 – 0,37 – 0,44 mm

 Set #2:      0,54 – 0,64 – 0,76 -  0,86 mm


For more information please write to maly@ipmsnymburk.com